cover letter

Dear Natasha Jen & Team–

I want to contribute to badass Asian *female leadership.

I’m eager to share my energy, perspective, and humor with you and your team. Your work has been hugely influential on my student designs. My proposed re-brand for the Black American West Museum & Heritage Center was directly inspired by the Harvard Art Museum branding.

Waking up from my dream of art curation, I realized that design was behind what I loved most about exhibition-making, an ontological balance between thing [art piece], platform [space], and audience [viewer]. These elements in powerful communion touch the spirit. I believe in order to orchestrate such a movement, the design must be thoughtfully considered, clearly comunicated, and sincere; and every moment of the experience can be designed. 

I hope to contribute my passion and opinions to the team’s collective consciousness while practicing this belief the best I can.

Also, a couple links you may find of interest ;-)


chanelhkim (at) gmail (dot) com        ATL        NYC