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Full Moon in Scorpio
AKA the Pink Moon

Good time for a
sex magic spell.
Your pleasure
is sacred.

say it like a mantra–

Work in practice.
Work is practice.
Work from practice.

Drink more water.

To imagine the shape of breathing.
The language of breathing:
inspiration (expansion of chest cavity)
expiration (return to original volume)
Breathing is automatic. Breathing can also be regulated.
This is unique compared to other visceral human functions.

Connect sync link all the pieces of your life
Get it done at the speed of WiFi
I’m the player, the coach, the arena, the game
If you want something done, you just gotta say my name

Design has to work, art does not.
–Donald Judd

The pleasure one enjoys from practice
results in cessation of sorrow.
–Krishna to Arjuna,
The Bhagavad Gita

Time is being and being
time, it is all one thing,
the shining, the seeing,
the dark abounding.

–from the Hymn to time,
Ursula K. Le Guin

Becoming is born in History, and falls back into it, but is not of it.
In itself it has neither beginning nor end but only milieu.
It is thus more geographical than historical.
–Deleuze with Guattari

I am anima and animus.

We define what’s next
so you can make smarter decisions today.
Our global trend forecasters and data scientists obsessively
decode the future
to provide the authoritative view
on tomorrow.
With experts in every major continent
we build locally sourced,
globally relevant content...

-from ‘The World’s Trend Authority,’
WSGN (World’s Global Style Network)

Practice from work.
Practice is work.
Practice in work.


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